Neighbors speak out after officer-involved shooting sends two to hospital

NOW: Neighbors speak out after officer-involved shooting sends two to hospital

MILWAUKEE (CB S 58) – A Milwaukee neighborhood is shaken after gunfire sent an armed suspect and a police officer to the hospital.

Neighbors spoke out on Friday about the tense moments that led to the officer-involved shooting at Hawley and Main.

Things are relatively back to normal after an officer-involved shooting left two people hurt, including an officer.

“My son was a little bit shook up because he said he heard a screeching or a screaming noise that was something like he never heard before,” said neighbor Steve Rebro. “We’ve been living here for 26 years, never seen anything like it.”

Around 6:00 Thursday night, officers responded to a domestic dispute near a duplex. That’s when they came across a 48-year-old man armed with knives. The officer then shot the suspect in the leg. The 21-year-old officer also accidentally shot his co-worker in the foot.

“Just saw the cops kind of show up and they had a guy down on the ground. I saw him bandaging his wounds,” said witness Michael Domres.

Domres looked on as the situation unfolded.

“I stood out there with my neighbor downstairs. We were just kind of confused as to what was going on. A lot of police officers, it’s just a scary situation,” said Domres.

Neighbors say several streets were blocked off for more than five hours.

“I know my son didn’t get home until 11. He said everything was roped off with yellow tape and he had to walk from wherever he parked,” said neighbor Mary Vanderbunt.

They’re now relieved the situation is resolved and no one was seriously hurt.

The 21-year-old officer who shot his gun has been placed on administrative duty, which is standing procedure. He’s been on the job for less than a year.

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