Neighbors fear new assisted living facility will house sex offenders

NOW: Neighbors fear new assisted living facility will house sex offenders

A company wants to put an assisted living facility in Cudahy but neighbors don’t think the elderly will actually live there.

They’re worried sex offenders could move in to the building that’s less than two blocks from a school.

A public meeting was held at Cudahy’s public library where things got a little heated between the company’s owner and concerned residents.

The building in question is located 5071 S. Lake Drive and has been vacant for the past three years. Genesis Life Services recently bought the building and sent postcards to neighbors inviting them to Thursday night’s public hearing. But given the owner’s previous history people just aren’t buying the plan.

During the meeting residents brought up the fear of having the property turned into what they say has happened with the company in the past with Uncas House in Franklin. Concerned attendees at Thursday’s meeting claim sex offenders were said to be living there but the company claims those are only rumors and want to set the record straight for this property.

“It this facility, it’s either going to be seniors, the aging population, or developmentally disabled,” says Steve Taylor, the company’s governmental affairs official.

But regardless of the explanation, people were just not sold.
“Clearly, from what I’ve heard, we don’t want this or something similar to this in this facility,” said a concerned citizen during Thursday’s meeting.

The company says they will be taking the concerns expressed at the meeting and addressing them in a contract with the City of Cudahy.

The Common Council will have the final say if this project will go on as planned.

A public hearing is scheduled for October 17th and is open to the public.

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