Neighbor lights candles for Glendale brothers allegedly shot by father

GLENDALE -- Lighting a makeshift memorial at the end of her driveway, Marvac Rizio wonders what exactly happened inside her neigbhor's home.

\"It is disturbing,\" Rizio said.  \"Why are you using your own gun on your own kids?\"

Around 2:15 Thursday afternoon, Glendale Police responded to reports of shots fired.  They found 20-year-old Robert Washington, Jr. and his 15-year-old brother wounded outside.  Police moved the 20-year-old to the Rizio's driveway because they didn't know who or where the  shooter was. Rizio was just coming home after running an errand.

\"[A police officer] said, 'If that's your house, you don't want to be in your driveway right now,'\" Rizio said.  \"'You don't want to  see what's in your driveway right now.'\"

Police found the victims' father, Robert Washington, Sr. inside his home and arrested him.  They  took the 15-year-old boy to Children's Hospital for treatment and released him, but Washington, Jr. died in the driveway.

\"I just saw them minutes before it happened and it looked fine to me,\" Rizio recalls.

Friday, people came and went from the Washington home, but the family declined to speak.  Rizio says the Washingtons are a quiet, respectful family that never showed signs of trouble.

\"He helps me out sometimes,\" Rizio's son Mark said of the 15-year-old victim, who CBS-58 is not naming.

Mark goes to Nicolet High School with the boy where they both play football.

\"He's a very athletic kid and he's really nice to people,\" Mark said.

Now, Mark's classmate and neighbor will recover -- wthout his brother -- possibly taken by his own father.

\"We're there for him,\" Mark said.  \"Everybody loves him and his brother.\"

\"Hopefully justice is served,\" Marvac Rizio said.  \"Because the kids don't deserve this kind of violence.\"

Robert Washington, Sr. remains in custody Friday night, but police tell CBS-58 they don't expect the district attorney to file charges until Monday.

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