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Nearly 50 people evacuated from Waukesha bar while police searched for suspect armed with knife

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Waukesha bar was evacuated this week while police searched inside for a possible suspect with a knife.

Police say they ordered almost 50 people out of Boscos Social Club on Wednesday night for nearly an hour. They were looking for a man who they say earlier in the night threatened his girlfriend and roommate at home with a knife.

"It went from just some drunk little argument to somebody could get killed. Just like that," said one witness.

Jesse Dowling is the man who friends say made the threats. Officers say they got a tip that after leaving his home, Dowling headed to Boscos and went in a bathroom. They sent a police dog in but Dowling turned out not to be there.

He was later found and arrested at a nearby park.

Friends who were in the house when the threats happened say they were shocked because Dowling had never been violent before. 

"He was like 'Oh I'm just gonna do this. This is what I'm gonna do', I was like relax, calm down, don't do it, it's okay," said a witness to the ordeal.

Dowling was arrested for domestic abuse, battery, and disorderly conduct while armed. He could face more charges related to the bar evacuation. 

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