National Bakery & Deli releases doughnut ‘vaccine’ kits as 'perfect prescription' for 2021

NOW: National Bakery & Deli releases doughnut ‘vaccine’ kits as ’perfect prescription’ for 2021


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – National Bakery & Deli in Milwaukee says it has the ‘perfect prescription’ to roll into 2021: doughnut vaccine kits.

Each kit includes six glazed paczki and six food grade plastic syringes with raspberry filling. You take them home and fill the paczki yourself. 

Jeff Callen, who owns the south side bakery, says once the word got out about the DIY donuts, the bakery's phones have been ringing "off the hook." He says part of the proceeds will go to the Salvation Army.

"Obviously we know how serious 2020 was for everybody," Callen said. "But we just tried to make it a little light thing to say, you know what? Let's move forward, have a little sugar and keeping moving."

The kits must be pre-ordered and are only available on New Year's Eve. Each kit is $16.

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