Mysterious donation in Lake Geneva a part of Chicago Murder

NOW: Mysterious donation in Lake Geneva a part of Chicago Murder

The Chicago murder of 26-year-old Trenton Cornell-Duranleau still mystifies investigators. Detectives now know the two suspects in the case made one last stop in Lake Geneva before disappearing.

Cornell-Duranleau’s body was found stabbed to death in the Chicago apartment of Northwestern University professor Wyndham Lathem on July 27th.

Police were called to a high end apartment in downtown Chicago where n anonymous tip led them to what officers called “a bloody scene”.

The next day, Lathem and the second suspect, Andrew Warren, made a donation in the victim’s name at the Lake Geneva Public Library.

Investigators say they don’t know why the men would drive to Lake Geneva and make a one thousand dollar cash donation. Police say the men don’t have ties to the area or the library.

Four days later, Chicago Police arrived at the library seeking answers.

“What lead Chicago Police Department to the library has still not been shared with our department,” says Lieutenant Edward Gritzner. “At this time, we don’t even have an investigator assigned to the case. They haven’t asked for any assistance from us.”

Trenton had just graduated from cosmetology school in Michigan and had recently moved to Chicago.

Lathem is a professor at Northwestern University and Warren works for Oxford University in England.

Lake Geneva Police says this is the first they’ve heard of the suspects and don’t believe they have any connection to the area.

It’s a mystery that has investigators like Gritzner stumped.

“For somebody to make a donation in somebody’s name that they potentially just murdered in such a brutal way is just odd,” says Gritzner.

Lathem has been banned from Northwestern’s campuses and his profile has since been removed from their website.

He remains on the run with Warren and they’re both considered armed and dangerous.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of the two suspects, you’re asked to contact Chicago Police.

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