Multiple agencies assist Bayside apartment fire victims

NOW: Multiple agencies assist Bayside apartment fire victims

BAYSIDE (CBS 58) -- Victims of the White Oaks Apartment fire in Bayside continue to get enormous support from the community.

A resource center was set-up at St. Eugene’s in Fox Point to help those impacted get back on their feet. A dozen agencies came together to connect victims with resources such as the DMV, immigration services, and healthcare.

“The community has really responded and stepped up, both through physical donations, financial donations, and just compassion and care," said Justin Kern of the Red Cross of Wisconsin.

Crews were called to the scene early Saturday just after 12 a.m.

Fourteen people had to be rescued from the 62 apartment unit building – many others were evacuated.

Sally Jarrar’s daughter is one of them. “She and her boyfriend got out with the cats, wearing what they wore is what they came out with,” she said.

Fire crews say although some people lost everything, it could’ve been worse.

“No deaths, which is shocking, personally to me,” said Robert Whitaker, chief of the North Shore Fire Department.

Those receiving assistance say they're grateful.

"It’s just amazing and I’m fortunate and so proud to live in a community that does that, where the people are wonderful,” Jarrar added.

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