Muenzenberger family says they 'will never rest' until 3-year-old Major Harris is found

NOW: Muenzenberger family says they ’will never rest’ until 3-year-old Major Harris is found

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Three-year-old Major Harris has been missing for one week. Milwaukee police are inviting citizens to join them in the search on Thursday, Oct. 21.

Authorities will be canvassing the area near 35th and Center, the area where Major's mother -- Mallery Muenzenberger -- was found fatally shot on Thursday, Oct. 14.

Milwaukee police have made several arrests in the death of Muenzenberger. None of those arrests have been connected to Major's case. 

Major is 3 feet tall, about 40 lbs., with brown eyes and shoulder-length black dreadlocks. Police say he was last seen wearing a dark blue T-shirt and navy blue Nike basketball shorts. He also has a speech impediment.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Milwaukee Police Department Sensitive Crimes Division at 414-935-7405 or send an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers at 414-224-TIPS.

Family of of Muenzenberger released the following statement on Thursday, Oct. 21. 

"On behalf of the family of Mallery Muenzenberger and Major Harris, we want to extend our many thanks to the Milwaukee community volunteers and the Milwaukee Police Department for all of your diligence in searching for Major. It has truly been a helpless feeling for all of us that have not been able to assist in the search for Major due to having to prepare for Mallery’s funeral.

We are heartbroken as we prepare to say our final goodbyes to Mallery who was taken from us in such a violent fashion. Mallery was a beautiful kind soul who loved her little boy with all of her heart. She raised him as a single mother, working 2 jobs at times trying to provide for him. Her early aspirations were to become a nurse, and she would have made a very caring one! Mallery became involved in a life she never shared with our family. She was much too private. She was an honest person with too much trust we have found out. As we have been searching through her belonging’s we came across her high school senior project. How ironic that the topic she chose to present was Domestic Violence Awareness. Mallery faced her death in the hands of domestic violence in October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Mallery was raised in a family unit based on their strong faith. She attended bible studies, bible camps, weekly church services and daily prayer. Her son was her life – her joy – her purpose- her future. She loved her family. As we look through the pictures of her growing up, we continually see her contagious, sweet smile. You couldn’t help but be drawn to her lovable personality. She had a quiet, innocence about her. She never had to be the center of attention, more than likely she was the one smirking in the corner of the room with that devious look of hers.

Mallery’s life will not be forgotten. We will never let her memory go. We will continue to search for her beautiful baby boy, Major and bring him home to Lacrosse, to the family that loves and cares for him. Major has been a part of Mallery’s family since his birth and his missing has left an incredible void in our lives.

We will always approach the month of October with a new appreciation and awareness on her behalf. We ask that all of us keep the victims of domestic violence in your hearts, and say a prayer that their souls rest in peace.

As we transition our focus of putting Mallery to rest, we will never rest until we locate Major. We are desperate for any information regarding his whereabouts. If you have any information please contact the Milwaukee Police Department, and bring Major home.
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