MPS teacher in hot water after making inappropriate social media comment on Kenosha shooting

NOW: MPS teacher in hot water after making inappropriate social media comment on Kenosha shooting

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee Public Schools teacher is in hot water after making inappropriate comments about the two protesters killed in a shooting in Kenosha on Tuesday, Aug. 25.

Mr. William Walker, known as Clint Walker on Facebook, is a teacher at Rufus King Middle School. In a Facebook post he said he’s glad they ‘finally got rid’ of the two people killed in Kenosha, and said he would have done the same thing.

“It was hurtful to say the least, knowing that you know, he’s teaching our youth,” said Paige Westmoreland, a former MPS student.

Some former MPS students are in shock after seeing the post, which has been shared thousands of times.

“Very disturbing, I was very upset to see that,” said Tasneem Badani, another former student.

The Facebook post by Walker reads in part:

“Glad they finally got rid of 2 of the terrorists in Kenosha. Now get rid of the rest. Play stupid games, get stupid prizes. I would have done the same damn thing.”

“He’s doing this behind a computer screen,” said Westmoreland. “What has he done in the classroom? What is he saying in the classroom? What is he teaching in the classroom?”

In a statement, the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association said in part:

"The social media post in question expressed hate and encourages violence against peaceful protesters. Hate has no place in our Milwaukee Public Schools."

A Rufus King Middle School parent who wants to remain anonymous says Mr. Walker was a good teacher to her child who has a learning disability.

“He made sure my son was not being bullied,” said the parent.

She says Mr. Walker didn’t show any red flags in front of her, but is now horrified after seeing the post.

“I am devastated, like I feel hurt, just devastated and very hurt by it,” she added.

“To view lives as something that can just be thrown away or something that can just be disregarded, that’s quite disturbing,” added Badani.

MPS is aware of Mr. Walker’s comments and said in part:

"The statements made are not condoned by Milwaukee Public Schools. The district is following policy and procedure related to this personnel matter. Mr. Walker has been removed from assignment pending further investigation."

Some former students disagree and say there’s no need to investigate further. On top of the post, they’ve also found pictures of Mr. Walker in front of a Nazi flag with a gun, and say they want to see him fired immediately.

“I mean he has pictures in front of a Nazi flag, so I feel like there really is no need to investigate further,” said Badani.

“There needs to be more investigating when posts like that come up, but in his case no, he needs to go,” added Westmoreland.

An MPS spokesperson says they are not sure when this matter will be taken up by the school board, but say there may be an update during a first day of school briefing scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 1.

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