MPS Pep Rally for Year Round Schools

MPS Superintendent Dr. Darienne Driver and teachers and staff from the district's year-round schools  set the stage for the upcoming school year with a pep rally Wednesday.

They also shared successes from the previous year during the annual kickoff.

MPS Board President Mark Sain thanked staff for their dedication and teachers and staff  were greeted by the Bay View High School drumline and Rufus King High School cheerleaders. 

Featured speakers included 3rd grader Jordan Cameron who got a huge laugh when he said,  "I'm the kid that someday is gonna make you think, I don't get paid enough for this."

Dr. Driver then told the teachers despite divisions and differences, they have the ability to build lasting relationships with students and community.

"Whether it's race, whether it's class, whether it's gender, language, where we live," began Dr. Driver. "Where we shop, where we go out to hang out, where we go to the grocery store. All these things are divisions.  But I honestly believe if we're able to build those positive relationships, the ones that Jordan was stressing for us, we can get there together."

MPS Year Round Schools open their doors next Monday.

The rest of the schools start classes September 1st.

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