MPS back to school event for year round schools

Milwaukee Public Schools held an informational event for families regarding their 10 schools that have classes year round. Parents were able to register their students on the spot.

The Alliance School is one of the year round schools. This school's mission is to be accepting to all students including students who consider themselves LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) students.

"It's part of our mission to be a safe and accepting place for all students, said Tina Owens Moore, lead teacher. “We know that LGBT students face a lot of discrimination and harsh practices so part of our mission is to be LGBT friendly."

This school year it’s celebrating its 10th year anniversary.

"It has been really emotional,” Owens Moore said. “The vision that we had is real, that's an amazing thing and it that makes me happy everyday because I see the difference that it makes for our kids."

They have 175 students and there’s a waiting list. However, Tina Owens Moore, lead teacher, said parents are still encouraged to contact them about enrolling their students.

Owens Moore helped start this school and she said a lot has changed in this decade.

"The internet, face book and social media were hardly things that existed,” she said. “So the idea of cyber-bullying didn't even exist.”

“LGBT issues have changed so much in 10 years,” Owens Moore said. “So as years have been going by, we've had to develop new practices, look at what's going on in the community and be a model that's really ready to address the new issues of the age as they happen."

During the informational event at The Alliance School, there were games, skating and other activities.

Melinda Gladney is the principal of Ralph H. Metcalfe, which has students from K4 through 8th grade.

"The misconception is that it's all year round,” Gladney said. “Its 180 days just like the traditional school year."

Gladney said that students have more breaks throughout the year, which gives parents an opportunity to take more vacations.

"It gives parents the opportunity to have diversity of what type of school they want within MPS."

The first day of classes for year round schools is August 3rd. 

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