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MPD officer, involved in Derek Williams custody death, denied promotion to detective

A police officer present the night robbery suspect Derek Williams died in the back of a Milwaukee Police squad car has been denied promotion to detective.

"I would hope that we could promote people who don't have that kind of record," said State Senator Lena Taylor of Milwaukee.

State Senator Lena Taylor among those who convinced the Fire and Police Commission not to give a promotion to officer Zachary Thoms who was also swept up in the scandal involving invasive body searches at District 5.

Although never charged, his detractors were impassioned as they implored commission to also require citizen complaints go through the FPC.

"It is our belief that a person who is victimized by a police officer, as the 75 individuals who were cavity searched, should NOT have to go to the police department. That is victimizing the person twice," said Fred Royal, Milwaukee NAACP President.

The NAACP is part of a collaboration to bring in more community concerns when approving future MPD policy. 

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