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MPD gives update to two deadly officer-involved shootings from February

NOW: MPD gives update to two deadly officer-involved shootings from February


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee police are giving the public an update on two officer-involved shootings.

Both happened within nights of each other in February.

MPD released videos from police body camera and nearby surveillance video on Wednesday, April 15.

The officers involved were put on leave, and both investigations are still open.

A shot-spotter call on February 24 ended with a 27-year-old man being fatally shot by officers.

“I’m asking you stop, right now. Don’t move. Sir, stop. Do not move right now. Grab him! Grab him!” an officer shouts, in body camera footage.

Investigators say the suspect tried to rob three women buying marijuana on Union Street.

He hit one of them with his gun, and she ran to a home for help.

Two men inside that house came out and fired shots at the suspect.

Officers responded to the shot-spotter location and saw the man walking.

“Take your hands out of your pockets right now! Do it now!” an officer shouts.

Detectives say the suspect pointed a gun at officers, and led them on a chase that ended on Comstock Avenue.

“Don’t move! (hear shots) “Shots fired.”

MPD said the suspect had an outstanding arrest warrant for multiple charges, including armed robbery.

On February 29, a 49-year-old man was fatally shot by police outside Lounge 340 on the city’s northwest side.

A caller told 9-1-1 a man, with a gun, was beating up a woman.

Operator: “Okay, when you say he jumped on a female, do you mean hitting her?"

Caller: “Yes, he beat her up. He body slammed her on the ground and then the security broke it up.”

Police say the suspect and his wife were at the lounge.

He asked to speak to her outside, and then assaulted her.

Another man helped her free and friends took her home.

While looking for his wife, the suspect smashed a window of a parked car and fired a shot.

Right after, police arrived and confronted him.

"Shots fired! Shots fired! He pointed a gun at me. He’s down," an officer said in body camera footage.

Detectives say surveillance video from outside the lounge shows the suspect pointing his weapon at officers.

They add that the man had multiple felonies in Illinois and was not legally allowed to have a weapon.

Outside police agencies are leading these investigations.

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PhilipSchwigel 47 days ago
Drugs, Guns, & Wild Woman. What more could go wrong. I have no doubt the cops will be found quilty of manslaughter. We live in a different world today when people can just do as they please. they can do drugs freely, & by law officials must do everything in the power to try to save them when they OD. Many law suits are filed when druggies were given Narcan to try & save their lives when they overdosed. the only problem is nobody knew they were allergic to Narcan. The very people that were trying to help the dead are held responsible & called idiots by the loved ones of the deceased. Best I can muster out of all of this is you Overdose, That's too bad, that's going to be between you, the shithead that sold you the shit, & God. Maybe God's trying to tell us something. Leave them alone. When a criminal commits' a crime, he/she is responsible for the actions & reactions of others. Why? Because they are in the process of committing a crime.
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