Move in day at Marquette University

It's move-in day at Marquette University. More than 2,000 freshman are now bringing their belongings into their new dorm rooms.

There's been a steady stream of students moving in to McCormick Hall all day. Three streets are blocked off until 5:00 p.m. so keep that in mind if you drive that way.

A student and her mother from California said they are eager to move in, "I'm really excited. I'm really nervous but I think it's going to be a great experience," said the daughter. The mom said, "She's been working on this for a long time and is excited to get in the nursing program. I'm excited for her! This the journey in her life so I'll be a little sad but I'll FaceTime her."

This year is the last time students will be moving in to McCormick Hall. The dorm will be eventually be demolished and a student recreation and wellness center is expected take its place. Right now a new dorm is being built on 17th and Wells. The Robert A. Wild S.J. Commons will house 750 freshman and sophomores.

More than 36,000 students have lived in McCormick since 1968 so it has a special place in many students hearts, "It's super nostalgic. It hasn't really hit yet. I've been walking through the halls, taking pictures and sending them to my old roommates. I don't think it will hit for awhile but it's a change that needs to happen but it's certainly going to be a weird emotional day when it does happen," said alumni Jim Love.

"It's pretty neat we get to carry out the last legacy. Hopefully I get into the new Wild Hall that'd be quite the tactic to pull off McCormick and the new Wild Hall so hopefully I'll be able to do that," said new freshman Charlie Schlindwein.

Wild Hall is expected to be open next fall. As for this year, classes start on Monday.

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