"Mount Stallis" starts getting a makeover

WEST ALLIS -- The huge pile of dirt known as \"Mount Stallis\" near the I-894 Greenfield Avenue exit ramp is getting a makeover.

Many businesses and nearby residents complained about the mound of dirt that was left from the Zoo Interchange Reconstruction Project. Now, the city is working with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to transform the pile of dirt into what will be known as \"Conrad Hill.\"

On Tuesday, September 30th, crews began beautifying it by putting the top soil on it.

\"We are taking this mound and having it grassed with trees,\" said Alderman Michael May, who represents the third district.

As part of the plan, the DOT will leave room for a bike trail around the hill.

\"When we started this out, we really weren't sure what was going to happen with it and the DOT has worked with us to improve the situation,\" said Alderman May.

A situation that has been frustrating to nearby business owner John Fisco. \"We have leakage from the mud that comes into our parking lot.. from day one and to this day,\" said Fisco.

Fisco is glad to see some work being done but says he's not happy to hear it might take two years for the project to be finished.

\"We lots a quarter of our business when they shut the bridge down... now we gotta wait two years for something to look nice?- that's a long time,\" said Fisco.

Alderman May insists once it's all done, this will be a positive thing. May says not only will the Hill serve as a sound barrier for freeway traffic, it will also be a much prettier entry way into the city.


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