Mother's plea to find young daughter's stolen bike ended with a generous response

NOW: Mother’s plea to find young daughter’s stolen bike ended with a generous response

SOUTH MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58)-- A mother's plea to the community to help find her young daughter's stolen bicycle on social media ended with a response the family will forever remember.

Jenna Kofoed turned 11 in July. Her mom Katie wanted to give her a birthday to remember.

"I worked a long month of overtime to give her a great birthday, and the bike was one of her presents," said Katie Kofoed.

Jenna got a pink and black Mongoose bike, but it was stolen a month later outside of her home in South Milwaukee.

"I was upset, because it was really new,  and I really liked going places with it and like riding around," said Jenna Kofoed.

"She was a little worried to tell me that it was gone,” said Katie. “It was something she really asked for, she picked it out."

Katie took to Facebook to post pictures in the hopes someone would return the bike, but had no success.  After feeling like all hope was lost, a kind stranger reached out to her.

"There was a lady, Michelle McCormick, she was kind and commented and asked if we had found the bike and I told her no, and she said well I have one I'd like to give Jenna," Katie said.  

Katie Kofoed says Michelle McCormick had won bikes from a raffle, and was waiting for the perfect person to give the Mongoose kids bike she didn't need.

"I was happy. and I think she was too,” said Jenna.  “To know she was giving it to someone like me."

"She said that it touched her heart and she wanted to give Jenna her bike and make sure she had a good summer," adds Katie.

For Jenna, the kind gesture gave her a summer and birthday to remember.

"I’m thankful, because nobody that I've seen has ever been that nice to me,” said Jenna.

"People being good people - there's not many out there that you see,” Katie says. “She was very kind, and we're thankful for her."

Jenna and Katie Kofoed say with all the bad things happening in the world, it's nice to see a glimmer of kindness. The generous gift is one they'll forever cherish in their hearts.  

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