Mother's Day...The Superbowl Of Eating out (for Brunch)

Mother's Day is really the time when reservations are what you make for dinner.  The National Retail Association of America estimates some three billion dollars are spent on eating out during the second Sunday in May, with half the amount on brunch itself.  

No doubt time is running out to book a table at your favorite restaurant.  I spent Wednesday morning at Bacchus off Wells Street in Milwaukee seeing how they're preparing for the big rush.  In fact, more than 500 patrons are expected.  At least here, brunch will run you $45 dollars and about half this amount for children.  A three course meal is offered, including an appetizer and dessert.  Bacchus is part of the Bartolotta Restaurant Group.

I also spoke with Executive Sous Chef Andrew Wilson about how he gets ready for the big day.  He says a lot of it is mental.  I also had the chance to ask him what families can do at home if they want to cook something special for mom.  He said you can't go wrong with eggs and French Toast.

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