Mother, son to graduate with master's degrees from UWM together

NOW: Mother, son to graduate with master’s degrees from UWM together

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- There are many types of relationships on a college campus.

"We've run into each other a couple of times on campus unexpectedly," Patrick Gilvary said.

Not many of those relationships go back quite as far as this one.

"It's been a journey for all of us," Lisa Gilvary said.

Lisa Gilvary and her son Patrick are both graduating with master's degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) in May, but they didn't plan to complete the next level of their education together.

"I think it was coincidence, really," Lisa Gilvary said.

Lisa Gilvary is graduating with a degree in social work and hoping to work with children and families after graduation.

"Never say you're too old to do anything," Lisa Gilvary said.

Patrick Gilvary is planning on using his degree in freshwater science to improve policy in government.

"I'm learning about policy. I'm learning about science and it's able to really hit a lot of my interests," Patrick Gilvary said.

Although it's not every day a mother and child go to school at the same time, they said it didn't feel out of the ordinary.

"It's cool to, I don't know, just know that like if I'm walking to the library to study sometime, she may be coming out of a class and might run into her," Patrick Gilvary said.

They're both finishing up their last assignments but said it will all be worth it to see each other with their diplomas in hand.

"It's really cool to see her mom pursuing her passion, going back to school and doing what she wants to do to make the world a better place," Patrick Gilvary said.

"Ditto," Lisa Gilvary said.

The mother and son will share a graduation ceremony on May 21. 

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