Mother of allegedly abused children speaks to CBS 58

MILWAUKEE- On Wednesday, 25-year-old Harold Bonilla was charged with the abuse of his three young children.

The abuse was uncovered after a fire at his home on 24th and Maple on Monday.

Bonilla was arrested at that fire.

The children are aged four, three, and one.

Bonilla now faces charges of first degree recklessly endangering safety, three counts of physical abuse of a child, and three counts of bail jumping.

The mother of the kids said she dropped them off with Bonilla on Saturday and the abuse happened between then and the fire on Monday.

She also said this is the first time that this has happened.

She added that the two have had joint custody since September.

In the criminal complaint, doctors report the children as having significant bruising all over their bodies.

The four-year-old said in the past he was burned with a lighter and a cigarette by Bonilla.

Their mother also wants Bonilla's sister charged because she believes the sister could have stopped the alleged abuse.

Boniila's sister is described in the criminal complaint as hearing Bonilla yelling and the kids crying in the duplex Monday morning.

The mother believes, in a strange way, the fire may have saved her kids.

She asked CBS58 not to ID her in this story.

For legal reasons, she can't say where the kids are, but she assured CBS58 they are doing well.




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