Mother of 4-year-old girl left in tow lot pleads not guilty

NOW: Mother of 4-year-old girl left in tow lot pleads not guilty

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The mother of a 4-year-old girl left alone overnight in a van in Milwaukee's tow lot was back in court Tuesday. 

Blair Springfield waived her preliminary hearing Tuesday. 

Springfield's public defender also entered her plea. 

"I acknowledge receipt of the information and waive its reading and also enter a plea of not guilty," said Public Defender Jeff Schwarz. 

Springfield is facing ten OWI and child neglect charges relating to two incidents. 

The first happened in September when police say she passed out drunk in a drive-thru with five kids in the car. Then, on November 12, Springfield was driving with her cousin who flagged down a Milwaukee County Transit Bus telling the driver that Springfield was passed out and needed help. 

Springfield's 4-year-old daughter and a 10-month-old baby were also in the van. The baby was taken onto the bus for safety but somehow even after police arrived, the 4-year-old was left behind in the van and towed to Milwaukee's tow lot where she spent the night alone. 

The Department of Public Works is now reviewing their tow procedures and Milwaukee Police have launched an internal investigation into how the child was missed. 

In a statement Tuesday, MPD says they are going over all of the body cam and squad car video from that night and understand there is a public demand to see the footage. They say it will be released when their investigation is complete. 

Springfield will be back in court December 5 and her public defender says he is going to try to get her bail lowered. 

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