Mother Nature temporarily melting the hopes of the "Ice Castles" opening in Lake Geneva

NOW: Mother Nature temporarily melting the hopes of the “Ice Castles“ opening in Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva (CBS 58)--Perhaps three times will be the charm for the opening of the "Ice Castles" in Lake Geneva.  The date has been moved two other times, and now, the goal is mid-to-late January.  But it's all weather dependent.  And of course, the erratic temperatures and rainy periods aren't helping at all. 

But I did get a chance to see what's been done so far.  The area, located at Riviera Beach in Lake Geneva, is the size of a football field.  When all is said and done, it'll be filled with a hundred twenty different icy structures, including slides, tunnels, towers, and mazes.  Those with the project say this is the first time the Ice Castles will be along a body of water, making for a very different experience compared to where it was in the Dells two years ago.

Once the "Ice Castles" opens, it's advised you wear boots with good traction since you're walking on ice.  Also, for parents with young children, it's recommended to bring sleds instead of baby carriages.  To learn more about this huge attraction or purchasing tickets, click here.

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