UPDATE: DPW issues 12,600 parking tickets since Saturday

UPDATE: DPW issues 12,600 parking tickets since Saturday

Updated: 4:00 p.m. on February 6, 2018

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Thousands of people were issued tickets by Milwaukee’s DPW overnight for violations related to snow removal operations.

DPW says another 4,000 tickets were issued overnight Monday into Tuesday, bringing the total from the past three days to 12,600.


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Thousands were left with parking tickets after Milwaukee’s DPW called a snow removal operation over the weekend.

On Saturday, people were asked to park on the odd side of the street and on the even side of the street on Sunday on certain streets.

However, many people didn’t follow the rules and more than 8,000 ended up with a $40 ticket over the weekend.

Some “snow plowing operations alternative side parking” signs have been posted around Milwaukee letting people know that DPW would be coming through to clear the ice and snow when a snow operation is called and depending on the day, DPW will tell you what side of the street to park on.

Some people say with limited parking, this was an issue over the weekend.

One person says he’s been monitoring the DPW website but some signs are conflicting.

“It gets confusing when there are signs posted and on the website, it will say the alternate side parking. It gets interesting, when a sign is posted but it conflicts with where you are supposed to park, even or odd,” said Josh K. who lives on the East side.

Before parking, make sure you’re looking at the street signs. Signs like “no parking” or other signed rule take precedences. This means if it’s an odd-numbered day and there’s a "no parking sign" on that side, residents should park on the even side to avoid a citation.

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