More than 70 vehicles towed, relocated on East Side for run/walk

NOW: More than 70 vehicles towed, relocated on East Side for run/walk

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — Samantha Blake said she spent the first part of her day looking for her car that had been parked right in front of her building on the 1900 block of North Prospect.

“I came outside to zero vehichles on the street,” she said.

She said she had not seen any temporary No parking signs posted. She said she called the city’s tow lot and they said they had relocated her car to the 2400 block of North Maryland Avenue  

“No car. Went around the block, no car and I’m like, now I’m panicking, anxious,” she said  

She says she called back and was told her car must be near 2100 North Commerce, where other vehicles had been towed  

“I’m like whoa, whoa, whoa, wait so you don’t know exactly where my car is,” she said  

She found her car on Commerce along with a green slip saying her car had been relocated on Prospect and a ticket for $110.

“It was poorly executed,” she said. 

A man who lives near Burns Commons on North Franklin Place said his car was also relocated. He said the only sign he saw indicated he could not park in the afternoon. 

He said his car was towed to the North Maryland location, a location that had signs up saying it was a No Parking zone. 

A spokesperson for DPW responded to questions about Blake’s car with the following: 

“The vehicle was towed for Briggs & Al’s Run.  Signs were posted along the route and were then confirmed posted Thursday.  There was a sign posted at 1930 N. Prospect within two cars lengths south of the front entrance.    

We cited 84 vehicles and relocated 74 of those.”

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