More than 20 uprooted trees in West Allis; extra crews called in to handle damage and debris

NOW: More than 20 uprooted trees in West Allis; extra crews called in to handle damage and debris

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Straight line winds caused damage and debris to cover West Allis overnight Tuesday into Wednesday, Aug. 11.

On 87th Street, just off of Becher, a large tree was partially on top of a home, and its roots stood almost 5 feet 6 inches tall.

West Allis Public Works says there are at least 20 trees down just like it in the area, and they're expecting that number to go up as they continue to survey the city.

A few blocks down, on 83rd Street, there's a tree similar in size that brushed an apartment building.

"The building shook and then I heard this whoosh, and I never thought anything of it until my son-in-law came over," said Kathy Norton who lives in that apartment. "All I see in my one window is a tree leaning up against the window and branches." 

Norton said city crews were already outside Tuesday night chipping away at the large tree.

People stopped by the life-sized roots to take pictures. Other people were out cleaning up the debris from their front lawns.

"Pretty wicked high winds knocked down some fences, lots of trees and freaked a lot of people out," said Mike Chamulak, of Tuesday night's storms.

Chamulak is the property manager for a handful of buildings in West Allis. He said he's been out all day cleaning up sticks and large branches, and bracing for more storms expected Wednesday night. 

"Sweeping up, helping out the city, picking up stuff.," said Chamulak. "I know they'll be back. Hopefully we don't get too much more today."

West Allis Public Works said it will have five bucket trucks out Wednesday afternoon clearing debris.

The city has multiple departments helping with the cleanup efforts. They also have more administrative staff on to help.

To report a downed city tree in West Allis, you can call 414-302-8888 or use this Let Us Help form.

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