Money floods Wisconsin for governor race

NOW: Money floods Wisconsin for governor race

With races for governor and U.S. Senate underway in Wisconsin, democratic strategist Joe Zepecki says the state is about to be bombarded with political ads.

"People by the time it's November 6th, across Wisconsin, are going to be sick and tired of the 30 second ads if they aren't sick of them already," Zepecki said.

Marquette Political Science Professor Paul Nolette says most of those ads will come from the race for governor.

"Scott Walker has been something of a lightning rod for many years, and so you have activists and parties across the country that are going to be very interested in this race," Nolette said.

There has already been $7 million spent on the race for governor in the week since the primary election.

There's also the senate race between Tammy Baldwin and Leah Vukmir, a race candidates and outside groups have already dropped $40 million on, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

"For a state that's not a huge state like New York and California, it's quite a bit of money coming in here, and I think the reason for that is it's consistently a competitive state," Nolette said.

State Republican Party Director Mark Morgan says republicans need to keep up with democrats in spreading their message or risk a blue wave.

"This is a year in which we need to make sure we are matching Democrat energy, and matching Democrat organization at every possible level."

Zepecki says it's up to voters to do their own research, and not rely on the 30 second ads.

"Talk to your neighbors, go and talk to your family and friends, about what's going on in Wisconsin, about what's going on in Washington, and make a really informed decision."

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