Model behavior: Brookfield boy's detailed airport models create connection to family

Model behavior: Brookfield boy’s detailed airport models create connection to family

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A boy in Brookfield has found his fit. Even at a young age, Noah Schroeder’s passion for flight has him looking forward to a career in aviation and it’s an interest that runs in the family.

“Definitely,” Noah said when asked if aviation is his greatest passion.

Noah tracks flights over Milwaukee and has the patience to create intricate model airplanes using Google Maps and his memory.

“So that’s pretty much how I remember stuff,” said Noah. “I don’t take credit but I was kinda the first one to upload a Milwaukee airport update,” said Noah talking about videos he has created and posted to YouTube.

And the interest in aviation makes sense to Noah and his mother Abby, since his father worked in aviation, too.

“So my dad was in the air force,” said Noah.

Bill Schroeder served for 16 years. It was 2016 at San Antonio’s Lackland Air Force base in 2016 when an airman started shooting.

"On the day he was supposed to present his Article 15 for my husband to dismiss him from the air force he hid two guns, a tazer, over 60 rounds of ammunition, under his full uniform. So he confronted the first sergeant in the office and said call the commander in and he had the gun pointed at him and there was a struggle. My husband saved the first sergeant’s life. She was able to escape and run through the building and call the military police but during the struggle my husband sustained several gunshot wounds and was killed,” said Abby.

Noah said his dad is his inspiration.

“A lot,” Noah said.

“My husband jumped out of the airplanes. He was a parachutist. He’d probably say, ‘Oh Noah, you’re going to drive the planes that I would jump out of,’” Abby said.

It’s a hobby now, building for a future someday.

“I want to fly big jets,” Noah said.

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