Mod Squad program aimed at helping unwanted dogs find a home

The Mod Squad at the Humane Animal Welfare Society in Waukesha is making a difference, helping dogs with bad behavior.

\"They're very frightened, very anxious”, said Mod Squad program creator Dr. Claudeen McAuliffe.

\"They're jumping on people, their leash manners are very poor, and so the volunteers will teach them to sit down, drop it and leave it, and walk nicely on a lease”, said Dr. McAuliffe.

The program creator and volunteers also work with dogs that are aggressive towards other animals.

Some of their methods include a gentle touch of the dog's ears, and games that focus on concentration.

In the last five years, the program has brought in 1037 dogs, and 930 of them have been adopted.

Before the program started five years ago, a dog would have passed or failed their evaluation, and the dogs that didn't pass, would be put down.

\"We very seldom euthanize dogs anymore because; we're able to have the resources to work with the dogs that have behavior problems”, said Dr. McAuliffe.

The Mod Squad recently received an 11-thousand dollar ASPCA grant, and the program is expanding throughout Wisconsin, and into Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wyoming.

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