MLB faces lawsuit

It's happened at Miller Park, Fenway in Boston and several other stadiums around the country, fans hit by line drives.

Major League Baseball says it is trying to find ways to make the game safer, but one attorney says they've failed to act.

Bob Hilliard filed a proposed class-action lawsuit on behalf of season ticket holders.  He's calling for better safety measures including a rule requiring ballparks to extend protective netting form foul pole to foul pole.  The lawsuit says baseball hasn't kept up with other sports like NASCAR and the National Hockey League, which ordered it's teams to install increased netting more than 10 years ago after a 13-year-old girl was killed by a puck.  

MLB officials insist safety is their number one priority.  The league released a statement saying it "is in the process of re-evaluating all issues pertaining to fan safety, comfort and expectations."

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