Mitchell International Airport prepares for busy travel season

 This is the busiest travel time of the year for Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport.  Airport leaders expect about 170,000 travelers to come through over the Thanksgiving holiday.  The busiest day is Monday, December 1 as people come back to Milwaukee or leave after visiting.  The second busiest is Wednesday before. 

\"Actually often I've left on Thanksgiving Day because it tends to be less crowded and fewer delays,\" Dora Thornton, who's flying to Philadelphia, said. \"But this worked out better this way this year.\"

The airport wants people to arrive early to ensure they make their flight.

\"Make sure you get here early with plenty of time to spare before your departing flight,\" Mitchell International Airport spokesperson Harold Mester said. \"Leave enough time to get through security checkpoint, and if you have to take your shoes off and take your liquids out of your carry on bags. It's better to get here too early than too late.\"

If you're picking someone up at the airport, be ready for construction near baggage claim.

\"If you're picking someone up, use the hourly parking,\" Mester said. \"The baggage claim curb is going to get very congested and it's going to take you a while to get through that so if you want to get in and out of here easier use hourly parking. We've extended free parking, you can park in there up to an hour with no charge.\"

They also recommend checking with your airline for any delays.

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