Milwaukee's Unsolved Bank Robberies: The Bad Artist

MILWAUKEE- Bank robberies are increasing across Wisconsin.

The FBI office in Milwaukee is trying to find the latest bandits still on the loose.

Since the start of this year, there have been 54 bank robberies in the state, but that number grows every day.

Of that number, 26 have been in the city of Milwaukee, 34 have been in the county.

In the Chicago area for example, there have been 40 bank robberies in that same time.

CBS 58's John Cuoco will be profiling the bank robberies with the FBI and looking at a different bank robber they want to catch

On Monday, the FBI is looking at a strange bank robbery.

The suspect used a marker to draw a beard and mole on his face.

He's also wearing pink pajama pants.

According to the FBI, he passed the teller a note looking for cash, but at the time the teller said she didn't have any.

The suspect then calmly walks out of the bank, with no money.

In the eyes of the FBI, his intent was to rob the bank therefore, he is still considered a violent criminal and a bank robber.

If you think you can help the FBI, call the local office at (414) 276-4684 or check out their Tip line here

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