Milwaukee's Ukrainian community rallies in solidarity condemning Russian invasion

NOW: Milwaukee’s Ukrainian community rallies in solidarity condemning Russian invasion

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- There's a lot of uncertainty among Ukrainian communities around the world following Russia's invasion. Dozens of Ukrainians in Milwaukee gathered for a rally in solidarity Friday morning, Feb. 25. 

The rally happened not far from St. Michael's Ukrainian Church in Milwaukee. Some people immigrated here from Ukraine, some have family still there in the midst of uncertainty. They waved their flags on Maple Street, over I-43 and I-94 highways.

"There’s been bombings, explosions," said Andriy Ovod. "My grandparents spent the night in a bunker because they had a warning there could be an air strike so nowhere is safe."

Ovod says the conversations he has had with family in Ukraine are short. 

"I can’t stand home. We have to support," said Tatiana, who came to the U.S. 19 years ago from Ukraine. 

As they flew Ukrainian and American flags, they leaned on each other for support with a message to cars going by.

"Yes, I know Ukraine is very far. It’s very far from us, but it’s a small, independent country and we just deserve to be independent and democratic," said Iullie Mykolyk

They say this war is all about dictatorship and power from Russian President Vladimir Putin, and they want support from the U.S. 

"A war on sovereignty, on peace. You have to realize this is not just going to stop after Ukraine," said Ovod. 

More events are planned across the country over the weekend for people to show solidarity with Ukraine.

Many people at Friday's rally say they plan to go to Chicago for a candlelight vigil this weekend. 

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