Milwaukee's Mitchell Park Domes may profit off hemp

NOW: Milwaukee’s Mitchell Park Domes may profit off hemp

MILWAUKEE COUNTY (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee County is a step closer to profiting off the hemp industry. A measure to allow cultivation of the plant in a green house behind the Mitchell Park Domes was approved by a Milwaukee County Parks committee. 

"Milwaukee county really has a need especially in the parks department, and especially at Mitchell Park for capitol and operating we have over $40 million in repairs needed right now for the Domes itself, so we really need to find a way using urban agriculture its something that'll be helpful to the farmers across our state," said Milwaukee County Supervisor Sylvia Ortiz-Velez. 

According to a study, growing hemp could generate $1.6 million each year for the county, helping offset the costs of operating the Domes, and necessary repairs. 

The greenhouse would be located in an enclosed and private space, not open to the public.

Not everyone agrees with the plan. Some are concerned it gives the county a bad image and say they don't have the space for the operation. 

The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors will take a final vote on Nov. 7. 

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