Milwaukee's former 'Tent City' turned into green gathering space

NOW: Milwaukee’s former ’Tent City’ turned into green gathering space

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- At first glance, it seems an unlikely place for people to come and hang out, but that's just what this spot under the Marquette Interchange on St. Paul Avenue has become.

State and local leaders held the first community event at the site Tuesday, Sept. 28. 

It's a green gathering space, with trails that connect with downtown. 

And what makes this project even more compelling is that just two years ago, this was a vacant lot where dozens of homeless people stayed in tents.

"At its height, there were 93 individuals that were unsheltered living in this downtown area, which was a huge tragedy," said James Mathy, Milwaukee County Housing Division. "And then two years later, we're here today, and all of those individuals are no longer homeless."

Several state and local departments worked together to create this unusual space, including the Milwaukee County Housing Division, the Milwaukee Department of Public Works and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

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