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Milwaukee's child abuse case backlog swells to 2,900

MILWAUKEE -- The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families is holding a meeting to address the severe backlog of child abuse cases in Milwaukee.

The shooting of two children sitting in a family van is shining a light on problem's at the Milwaukee Bureau of Child Welfare. The mother of the children recently was awarded custody of her children. She lost them after abusing her children. The day after the children were shot, the family's home was condemned by the Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services.

The Milwaukee bureau is sitting on a backlog of 2,900 child abuse cases. The Department of Children and Families says it's aware of the backlog, and insist it's a national issue not a Milwaukee issue.

Officials tell us the backlog is mainly due to the high turnover rate of social workers in Milwaukee. Those who attended the public meeting say the Milwaukee Bureau of Child Welfare needs to be held accountable for that. They are demanding the bureau find a solution to its retention problem.

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