Milwaukee woman sets up 'empathy tent' in Riverwest, lending an ear to community

NOW: Milwaukee woman sets up ’empathy tent’ in Riverwest, lending an ear to community

RIVERWEST (CBS 58) -- The year 2020 has brought us far too much troubling news.

One woman in Milwaukee is trying to help, just by listening to people.

"Sometimes, just for a moment, someone being heard can change the trajectory of their day," said Jules Mahoney.

Mahoney set up an "empathy tent" at Garden Park in Riverwest Thursday, Nov. 5. 

She's a professional development trainer who specializes in non-violent communication, and at her tent, she offers short conversations where she will listen to people who might not otherwise be heard.

She's been doing this at farmers markets and other community events.

Because of COVID, this is the first time she's doing it this year.

"It's because of the election. I'm hearing a lot of pain," she said. "I'm hearing a lot of language that pushes people apart. And I'm guessing that people aren't feeling heard. So here's a chance for folks to be heard and also to remember that they can do this for other people."

If you're interested in learning more about her empathy services, click here.

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