Milwaukee Woman Arrested after going through Unlocked Vehicles and Stealing Items in Shorewood

Shorewood Police recently arrested a 29-year-old Milwaukee woman for receiving stolen property after an alert resident saw the woman checking doors of parked vehicles close to midnight. According to a release from police, the resident called police and the woman was apprehended on the 3500 block of North Maryland Avenue.

After being arrested, police discovered the woman had numerous items that had been stolen from unlocked vehicles in both Shorewood and Milwaukee. She also had an arrest warrant and was out on bail for operating a vehicle without owner's consent at the time of her arrest.

Some of the items found on the woman included a GPS, an Apple iPod, numerous gift cards, Bose headphones, tennis shoes and approximately $40 in coins.

It is suspected the woman tried the door handles of 20 to 25 parked vehicles. If the door was locked, she moved on. If she found an unlocked vehicle, she went through the vehicle and took items.

Police said this case reiterates the importance of locking your vehicle doors at all times when you park. According to police, most criminals will not force entry into a vehicle unless they can see, in plain view, something of value or potential value.

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