Milwaukee VA Hospitals in no danger of copying Phoenix debacle

MILWAUKEE -- Reports of 40 veterans dying while waiting to see a doctor at a Phoenix, AZ VA Hospital has our Keith Meka asks officials if this could happen in the Milwaukee area.

In Phoenix, as many as 1,600 veterans were waiting months to see a doctor, and 40 of them died while waiting for care. Management at those Phoenix VA Hospitals are accused of trying to hide the evidence by shedding the secret waiting list.

Milwaukee County Veteran's Services Director Jim Duff says, \"There is no excuse that can be made if the allegations are true, simply none. Work load does not change the fact that there appears to be something criminal.\"

The U.S. Congress is now investigating the Phoenix Veteran's Affairs health care system. Local veterans tell us nothing like that is going on at the Zablocki V.A. Medical Center. Iraq War Veteran Dale Maupin says, \"I can gladly say that, because of them they saved my life and that's the case for a lot of veterans.\"

James Fialkowlski, a former Marine, works for the American Legion assisting other veterans to get their V.A. benefits. He says the Zablocki V.A. Medical Center is nothing short of outstanding. 

Officials at the Milwaukee V.A. Medical Center say they currently see veterans in their primary clinic within 14 days. When that's not possible, they'll pay for the veteran's care at another facility.


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