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Milwaukee Startup Week sets the stage for new, small businesses to thrive

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--If you have the yearning to work for yourself, you can start testing the waters, right now, by attending the second annual "Milwaukee Startup Week" sponsored by Northwestern Mutual.  Look for free workshops, networking events, and various pitch competitions.  You have a total of some 50 different workshops to choose from all across the area, including Milwaukee, Waukesha, Tosa, Kenosha, and Mequon.  Those running the event say you never know who might be hearing your ideas, and what you can learn just by listening to others.  

One of the biggest takeaways from "Milwaukee Startup" is save, save, save.  The experts say when you're starting up a small company, expect not to collect a pay check for at least several years. Also, make sure you have a clear, concise narrative as to what your product is and what expectations you have. To learn more about this week long event, just click here.

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