Milwaukee stabbing victim involved in sex trafficking, community leader says

NOW: Milwaukee stabbing victim involved in sex trafficking, community leader says

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Bianca Williams says she knew the 28-year-old victim of a stabbing at the intersection of 30th and Lisbon on Tuesday night because she tried to get her out of the sex trade.

"It was a sad situation," Williams said. "I got a lot of calls all through the night, and they were just telling me what happened, and I came out here and I was like, what happened, what really happened."

Williams says it was a prostitution deal turned violent, a situation too common in Milwaukee. She says her 'Cry for Help Foundation' tries to help women in sex trafficking.

"I am here at least three or four days a week because of the things that are going on out here, and the women who need assistance with food, housing, clothing, and hygiene."

A recent report showed Milwaukee had 340 sex traffic victims younger than 26. Half were younger than 18.

"A lot of crime," Cry for Help Foundation consultant Mark Briggs said. "A lot of prostitution. A lot of despair. We need a lot of things.

Williams says young women from everywhere are often tricked into the business and brought to Milwaukee, one of the largest sex trade hubs in the country.

"Even though we might not be directly impacted, it might not be our brothers and sisters involved, but we're one person away from being touched with tragedy," Briggs said. "So we need to do what we can to help those that need our help."

Williams says she hopes the community will step up to fight the industry.

"We just need more people to come out and assist with resources. With food, housing, clothing, and hygiene."

Williams says anyone looking to help can reach out to her on social media, or go to

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