Milwaukee Restaurants Helping Competitor Dealing with a Tragedy

A group of Milwaukee restaurants is stepping up to help, now that a competitor is dealing with a tragedy.

Chris Weber died when his pickup truck plunged off the Hoan Bridge early this week.

He was an employee at the Odd Duck restaurant in Bay View.   

That popular restaurant plans to close on Friday so its employees can pay their respects to Weber.

Now other restaurants, like Wolf Peach' have agreed to take customers who had reservations on Friday at Odd Duck.

“We work a difficult job and to know that you have friends out there who aren't necessarily people you see every day or even that frequently, to know that we have each other's backs I think is a really nice thing,” said a representative of Wolf Peach.

Other restaurants accepting Odd Duck customers' reservations include Goodkind, Dan Dan, All Purpose and Hinterland.

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