Milwaukee residents, Public Works prepare for the winter season

NOW: Milwaukee residents, Public Works prepare for the winter season

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) The first significant snowfall may only be a couple inches, but Milwaukee residents and the Department of Public Works are getting ready for a winter season that's expected to have heavy snow.

The Milwaukee Department of Public Works started preparing Wednesday by putting down salt brine on bridges, overpasses and main roads. Crews began salting Friday at 9 p.m. and will continue into Saturday morning.

Shoppers like Sonia Rieneckr are getting prepared for the first of many snowfalls this winter. She purchased shovels, salt and de-icer.

"Windshield wiper for below zero so I'm ready," Rieneckr said. "I want to stay safe in the snow."

Elliott Ace Hardware Manager Robert Mydy said their West Allis location was busy Friday as shoppers stocked up. Mydy said he sees worried shoppers every year on the first snowfall.

"We see panic," Mydy said. "People are starting to feel the pinch to maybe see if they're snow blower starts. If they don't maybe it's time for a new one," he said.

The Milwaukee County Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt said they tend to see more crashes on the first snowfall, which is why drivers will see more deputies on patrol.

"We will extend the shifts so we basically double the amount of cars that will be on," Sheriff Schmidt said. "If it really starts to get treacherous and the accidents start to rise we'll call in extra officers to make sure people are attended to as quickly as possible."

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