Milwaukee residents and community leaders take closer look at DOJ report on MPD

NOW: Milwaukee residents and community leaders take closer look at DOJ report on MPD

More than two years after the Department of Justice started a probe into practices at the Milwaukee Police Department, a final report of the findings hasn’t been released. A draft of the report surfaced last year though.

Community leaders say they don’t want the report to be forgotten.

Dozens of community members met to voice their opinions about the report and what solutions can be implemented for change at the department.

“We want the answers to rise up from the community because it’s the community that has had concerns about the police/community relations for some years in the city of Milwaukee,” NAACP Milwaukee President Fred Royal said.

Royal led the discussion Monday night.

He is a member of the Community Committee for Collaborative Review Process, which was set up by the Mayor Tom Barrett, the Common Council and the Fire and Police Commission to look into the DOJ’s findings.

“Stop and frisk is one and use of force,” Royal said.

The draft of the DOJ report had 55 findings and 100 recommendations.

Residents like Joseph Ellwagner wanted to be a part of the discussion because he says he wants real change.

“We want people to talk about how we can get there because to complain about what is and just go home is not going to solve things,” Ellwagner said.

The Milwaukee Police Department was not invited to the discussion.

CBS58 reached out to Interim Police Chief Alfonso Morales about the report, but he did not comment.

Former Chief Ed Flynn commissioned the audit, but was critical of the findings in the draft report because he said it wasn’t supported by data.

CBS58 also reached out to the Department of Justice to check on the status of the report, but no one has responded.

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