Milwaukee Public Museum transforms for the 15th annual 'Braille Games'

The Milwaukee Public Museum was transformed today to allow all children to learn and discover what the museum has to offer.

It was part of the 15th annual Braille Games. Something that's recognized around the world. Braille and hands-only learning techniques were brought to the Butterfly Vivarium, the rainforest area, and the dinosaur exhibit to help kids with all abilities take part.

\"Blind children you know they walk around and you know there might be the glass cases and they touch the glass cases, but what's interesting about that? What we've done with the Braille Games with the museum and all our partners is created a touchable experience so the museum actually comes alive for our blind and visually impaired kids,\" said Cheryl Orgas, the Executive Director of Audio and Braille Literacy Enhancement.

This is the first time the Milwaukee Public Museum has hosted the Braille Games.

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