Milwaukee Public Libraries Fine Forgiveness Campaign Runs Through October 9

Milwaukee Public Libraries have begun to see some long overdue books finally being brought in during the libraries fine forgiveness campaign.

If you have been blocked from borrowing anything from the library and you owe money, you can have your account re-activated, no questions asked.

There are 13 locations you can go to.

The forgiveness includes overdue books, music and videos.

This has not been done by the library for 18 years.

"This is something that we do once about every generation so it's really up to you to get here before October 9th so you can get those fines forgiven,” said a representative for the Milwaukee Public Library.

Celis said the process was quick and easy, and he wants to make sure this doesn't happen to him again.

Carmen High School student Brandon Celis said he took advantage of the campaign.

He hadn't been to library in about 5 years.

"I think last time I checked it was like $20 so coming back was nice especial Central Library, it's very big,” said Celis.

The libraries are doing this to take away any reason for people not to come to the library.

The fine forgiveness campaign goes on until October 9th.

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