Milwaukee Police talk young gangs

 MILWAUKEE- Police Chief Ed Flynn was asked on Monday if the shooting of Sierra Guyton was \"gang-related\".

The Chief was unable to say and he explained that \"right now, the definition off gang on the Northside is so loose to be almost meaningless.\" 

CBS 58 wanted to know what that meant, so we asked MPD.

Capt. David Salazar explained the chief was not talking about traditional, organized street gangs, like the Latin Kings or Vice Lords for example.

He said they engage in mostly drug trafficking and the violent crime associated with that.

Capt. Salazar also said the chief wasn't referring to what's known as crime crews, cliques, or hybrid gangs.

What the chief was eluding to was new, younger, evolution of gangs in the city known as Juvenile Offender Groups.

They are typically 13 to 20 years old and police say they're not interested in turf, or drugs, but they are mobile and apt to use technology.

Capt. Salazar said they go for crimes of opportunity like stolen motor vehicles and then use those vehicles for other crimes.

These juvenile groups tend to be networks of friends that ,like other teens, have influence over each other.

Milwaukee Police said they are trying to get to these kids early, before it's too late to try and stop this behavior.


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