Milwaukee Police Release First Footage Since Implementing Body Cameras

For this first time since implementing the use of body cameras earlier this year, the Milwaukee Police Department has released footage captured in the line of duty. The video was taken during the response to a home invasion on Tuesday morning.  

In the footage, a MPD negotiator is seen talking with the suspect.  Gunfire can be heard, and immediately the tactical team rushes down the stairs with a protective shield.  More shots can be heard, and the two hostages can be seen near the suspect with their hands tied behind their backs.  It was later determined the gunfire was the suspect shooting and killing himself.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said this incident was released so quickly after its occurrence because of a number of different factors, including officers not using lethal force, and because the suspect is deceased and therefore no longer subject to the robbery investigation.  Flynn said video won't be available so quickly for all situations, especially if an outside agency is involved in the investigation.

Not all of the department's officers are currently equipped with body cameras.  1,200 cameras are expected to be distributed to officers in the coming year.

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