Milwaukee police recognize 90 members at semi-annual Merit Award Ceremony

NOW: Milwaukee police recognize 90 members at semi-annual Merit Award Ceremony

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee police acknowledged its outstanding members at the semi-annual Merit Awards on Wednesday. 

The department awarded the men and women who went above and beyond their daily duties in the past year.

From performing CPR on gunshot victims to busting drug operations, Chief Jeffrey Norman said the acts recognized were a small example of the work the department does every day. 

"You represent the best of us," Norman said. "The most important emotion you need to feel tonight is pride."

This spring's unit service award went to the officers and detectives who responded to the Deer District shooting that injured 17 people in May 2022.

"It was very chaotic," Det. Elizabeth Rubio said.

Rubio and Det. Shamara Gonzalez played a role in finding the gunmen responsible.

"A lot of times people don't realize what goes on behind the scenes and it's just nice for people to realize all of the hard work that goes into solving these cases," Rubio said.

The duo credited witness interviews for helping them hold people accountable. 

"People think that you know it's just us who solve the cases and it's not. It's the community," Gonzalez said. 

Unlike past ceremonies, only one community member was recognized for meritorious conduct, but Assistant Chief Nicole Waldner said it wasn't for a lack of good civic duty. She told CBS 58 many people didn't want to be awarded for their contribution of keeping Milwaukee safe.

"We want them to be part of this as well. Like, this is not just a police thing. We are not going to get through this alone," Waldner said.

Fallen Officer Peter Jerving's name was added to those being memorialized. 

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