Milwaukee Police receive surprise donation of winter care packages

The Milwaukee Police Department can now reach out and help more lives thanks to a surprise donation.

Officer Gregory Hunter is the faith-based coordinator for MPD's Office of Community Outreach and Education. He had just walked into his office Friday afternoon, when two sisters said they had tubs full of care packages to drop off.

They snapped a picture after the officers helped unload their truck.

"I think they were looking at two things," said Hunter. "The need of the community, as well as helping the police department better our image as well. So, I think they were really thoughtful in what they did."

Packed inside eight tubs, were dozens of zip-lock bags filled with winter items. Each had a hat, scarf, gloves and granola bars. If that wasn't enough, each bag was labeled by gender and size.

Officers will keep the care packages in their squad cars and hand them out to people in need, that includes families, children and the homeless.

Because of the donation, Officer Hunter said his team can build trust in the community, by simply showing they care.

"All people want to do is be heard and have their needs met and when that happens it's a beautiful thing," he said. "I can't really describe it. I can only say it's a really heartfelt thing. It makes me feel warm and makes me want to come to work, knowing that I'm going to be able to affect positive change on someone's life. I can't even put that into words. It's just amazing for me."

We tried to find the sisters who made today's donation, but so far, have had no luck.

If you'd like to donate warm winter items, just drop them off at any Milwaukee police station district or contact the police academy.

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