Milwaukee Police Officers Sworn In

Over the course of two nights more than a dozen officers were hurt and a number of police vehicles have been damaged as well.

Milwaukee Police released these pictures from last night.

They said bricks were thrown at two of their marked squad cars.

The armored rescue vehicle was also hit with debris and even shot at.

The chief addressed the targeting of police vehicles and officers this morning.

"It's essential for the police to maintain discipline and coordination when we are trying to deploy in such a a way to render the streets safe we recognize in the doing so we make ourselves targets, some ways we become the focal points, but better us than innocent community members or stores being set on fire so we accept the risk that engaging makes us the target,” said Chief Flynn. 

Despite the risk the chief said his officers have been in high spirits the past two nights and ready to do their jobs.

Despite all this unrest happening in the city there are still men and women ready to join the ranks of the Milwaukee Police Department in effort to keep the community safe.

45 men and woman are the newest members of the Milwaukee Police Department.

It's a tough undertaking but a commendable one.

 “You've taken a very important first step. But the challenges of this job are marriated and they are not simply challenges regarding your physical courage, which I assume you all got…this is an emotionally hazardous job,” said Chief Ed Flynn, Milwaukee PD.

 Police Chief Flynn said following a weekend of unrest, he was already impressed these recruits.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett echoed Flynn’s remarks. With one of the largest classes in years, the mayor added this is a critical time to join the department.

“This is not a job for everyone, again, This is not a job for the faint hearted. it's not a job for someone who thinks they are better than everyone. Because what you are going to find is the humanity of this community as well,” said Mayor Tom Barrett, Milwaukee.

The recruits will undergo six months of training and are scheduled to graduate in February 2017.

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