Milwaukee Police Officers and MATC Students Prepared a Special Community Dinner

Milwaukee Police Officers are trading in their badges for aprons to help prepare a special community dinner. 

The men and women in blue from District 5 joined culinary students at MATC on Wednesday to carve some turkey.

Those officers are joining forces with students from Messmer Prep and at MATC to cook ahead of a big dinner event this weekend.

It's the second annual community thanksgiving dinner, and it serves about 400 people.

On Wednesday several officers cut their hands dirty.

They were coached by the experts here at MATC on the best way to prepare, cut and serves thanksgiving bird.

Others in the kitchen worked on the fixings - like stuffing and cranberry sauce.

This idea came from one of the officers in district five. As he told us, there are never too many cooks in the kitchen.

"The holidays are very special. It's always been something in our district we're reaching out to commute in need. It's a way for officers to share time and give back but kids from Mesmer to learn about the culinary arts and the culinary students get to give back to their community,” said Edward Ciano/district 5Police Officer.

That community dinner happens this Sunday at Messmer Prep. 

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